• 100 % Visa
  • No Age Limit
  • Matric Students can also apply

  University Tuition fee with Hostel approx-2000 USD pay on arrival 



  1. One year Russian Language program
  2. Bachelors
  3. Masters
  4. MBBS

INTERNATIONAL NOOR TRAVEL & TOURISM will provide admission in recognized State & Government Universities on behalf of Student’s documents.

Our Services includes

Invitation/Admission processing

Visa Processing

Airport Pickup

Arranging Accommodation on behalf of the University

Helping Students with all legal issues

Studying in Russia is both prestigious and advantageous. You can be sure that you will acquire all the knowledge you need in your chosen subject. Russia has a lot of universities, so you have a wide choice. All you need to do is to choose a program you like, apply online, prepare the documents required, come to Russia, and start studying.

Tuition Fees in Russia

In Russia, education is very affordable. Tuition fees in Public universities range from $2000 to $4000 for an academic year including the language training program. These fees may vary depending on your program. For instance, tuition fees for courses like medicine, engineering, design are usually higher than other programs and ranges from $3500-$5000 per academic year. Also, tuition fees for programs taught in the English language are higher than the ones in Russian medium.

Preparatory in Russia – Study Russian in Russia

Pre-course training all International students may undergo pre-course training. Since courses are taught in Russian language and some in English, it is expected that all international students applying to study in Russia undergo pre-course training. This is usually carried out in the first academic year of admission. Students who are successful are permitted to continue their study. However, to study in Russia, a student requires approximately from $3500-$4000 annually, for tuition, food, accommodation etc.

Finding Jobs in Russia

Where can you work? Major industries: oil, natural gas, metals (particularly steel) and timber. Other large industries include manufacturing, defense, electronics, IT outsourcing, mobile technology, banking and the service sector. Industries in decline: traditional farming and textiles. Shortage occupations: transport, construction, IT, engineering and teaching. Major companies: Gazprom, Rosneft, Lukoil, Surgutneftegas, Novatek (all oil and gas operations), Sberbank and VTB Banks (regional banks), Transneft (oil services and equipment), Sistema (telecommunications), Norilsk Nickel (diversified metals and mining)

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